"The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein
“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

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    2019 August 22
    When I was into Twitter I feels that a lot of friends,
    When I was into facebook I feels knowledgeable,
    But when I was into webboard looks like in the midst of my enemies.

    Placid turtle eggs
    Thai dessert made of rice flour,
    coconut milk and coconut sugar,
    that's delicious!

    From the street food in Bangkok provides convenient,
    delicious and cheap meals
    and it's the price is also logical.
    Price 10 baht! What do you think?

    2019 August 16
    I could make cooking.
    Fried zucchini with eggs,
    taste salty and slightly sweet.
    course eaten with rice

    2019 August 11
    Slip into something that's good for your health...
    like these vegetable shoes!

    2019 August 10
    Venice bans large cruise ships,
    from docking at its historic city centre.

    A Cruise ship colliding with a small tourist boat,
    in one of the town’s canals,
    back in June seems to be the final straw.
    Venice cruise ship accident
    CNN travel, four hurt

    2019 August 9
    Bitcoin Debit Card
    style Physical Card (Euro Virtual Card)

    2019 August 6

    From heart-shaped apple to skull-shaped melon,
    Fruit Mould, a Jiangsu-based company,
    is tapping into the market of unusual fruits.
    Jiangsu company bears unusual fruit
    A heart-shaped apple grown by Jiangsu-based company Fruit Mould.
    Two star-shaped cucumbers grown by Jiangsu-based company Fruit Mould.

    2019 August 5

    Flower feast! Tourists tasted different dishes and snacks using flowers as the main ingredients in a scenic spot.
    A bouquet of flavors in flower feast
    Cooking with flowers
    Banquet of cooking food with flowers

    2019 August 2

    Happy International Beer Day!
    To help celebrate and kick off the weekend,
    I have BTC to exchange of draught beer today.

    2019 August 2

    Mexico to watch chefs craft
    a record-breaking
    super "torta" sandwich.
    The 72-meter long!
    Mexico breaks record for its largest sandwich

    2019 August 1st
    BCH 2nd - Anniversary!
    Two years ago today, Bitcoin Cash was born.

    Sung-Hee basin

    The Ancient Chinese culture,
    The bride will wash the face with,
    the red bowl in the morning to be good luck.

    In the basin,
    it's written in Chinese characters,
    that Sung Hee means family so happy.

    july 29th, 2019 july

    Vincent Van Gogh died 129 years ago today.
    It was a day that we lost one of the most inspiring,
    creative artists to have ever lived.

    The Van Gogh Museum planted,
    125,000 sunflowers in beautiful city.

    miss Amsterdam!
    I hope will be able to visit Amsterdam again someday.

    Beautiful day and windy breeze,
    close my eyes and turn my face into the wind,

    My pain and suffering, with Autumn light,
    the smell of a breeze,
    and the vociferous sound of the forest!

    which cool gust of wind will come ,
    it's help feel of my mind
    and enchant me,

    where every road is another blessed memory,
    In the fall of leaves,In the hustle of breeze,
    In the curve of streams.

    Antique waffle candy mold!

    Many years ago, this waffle candy mold was cast iron,
    it used with firewood stove,

    In this time,
    it,s still used, and advantages can shift
    the strength of the fire better than the electric waffle mold.